David Kavaler Photography

Nikon Brand Campaign

It's no secret that the entire DSLR category is losing ground to the iPhone — and smartphones in general — at an alarming rate. With that in mind the goal was simple: Reintroduce the soul of Nikon to a world that takes the power of a photograph for granted. 

Video: Reintroduce the soul of Nikon.

Infinite Zoom.
A visual journey that will inspire the viewer to
see the world through a new lens, a new perspective. 

This is a camera.
An imagination machine.
A collection of precise synchronizations working
specifically for a moment that hasn’t happened yet.
80 years of turning sunbaked sand into glass.
Glass, touched by diamonds, cut by lasers
and reborn to once again
look up at the sun and invite it in.
Reflecting, refracting and transforming
light into electrons,
pixels into pictures.
Created to do one thing.
Designed to do it perfectly.

But it can’t tell you when or where you should use it.
It has no right or wrong.

This is a camera.
But in your hands,
it changes.
It becomes a part of you.
An extension of you.
The feel of it.
The weight of it.
With each photo,
you breathe life into this imagination machine.
It sees what you see.
It captures what you feel.
It remembers each moment exactly.

This is a camera.
But in your hands,
it’s a way to share
how you see the world.

Say Something. Nikon.