David Kavaler Photography

TomTom Spark. Fitness Watch.

For the US launch of the new SPARK fitness watch — the first to market with 8 hours of music storage — TomTom wanted a campaign that showcased this unique benefit, allowing music to drive the idea, and catering to a diverse fitness audience, with varied levels of athleticism and exercise preferences.



We see a woman out for her run. She is not dragging.  But she doesn’t appear to be ripping it up either. We come in close, see her face, feel who she is. We see that she has bluetooth headphones on. As we pull back we begin to hear the music she is listening to. It is empowering, driving, emotional music. And as it continues to get louder we see the runner in a much more dramatic light.  She now looks like she could run for the next three hours and never slow down once. The music has transformed her workout.

SUPER: Go longer.

VO: A fitness watch with hours of musical motivation inside.

We see a tight shot of the spark on her wrist. The camera moves in on the screen. When we pull back the spark is sitting on the screen in an end frame reminiscent of the print.

VO: Spark. From TomTom.



Music is the motivation for your workout.

But what if your workout was the inspiration behind the music?

We record (Foley style) the sounds of training, working out, exercising, running, pushing it to the limit.

An EDM artist(s) creates a track from the samples (Skrillex/BassNectar/Steve Aoki).

We shoot behind-the-scenes-style video of both the sound-capturing process and the creation of the track.

We feature everyday people, popular athletes, and our artist(s).

CES: debut the music track(s) and the video with our artists and athletes on hand.

Point-of-sale: we offer free downloads of the track as well as the artist’s latest work.

Microsite: make your own track with the samples and share on social media.



Radio is a traditional advertising channel,
but what if we thought about it untraditionally?

On one day, in multiple cities, across major radio stations, TomTom will provide 8 hours of commercial-free radio to the public. Instead of buying space over a month-long period, TomTom will purchase all the ad space for one day across multiple stations and make it a huge event. 

We want to give people a little taste of what 8 hours of nonstop musical motivation is like. Stations’ DJs will promote it weeks ahead of time to create buzz. On the day of the event we will invite people to join us at specific locations to try out the Spark, test it out, hang with friends, and be part of the party.